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My thoughts…

So I’m finally all caught up on Witches of East End, and while like most of the Frillian shippers I’m disappointed in their latest roadblock (go away Ava, no one wants you around), I can’t say I’m surprised or dying over it. 

The Writers are going to string out Frillian as long as they can because it keeps the viewers tuning in, hoping they’ll finally get their act together and be in love. I think we’re stuck with Ava for the remainder of the season, like we were stuck with Dash for the first season. (though I do like Dash as a character and am oddly shipping him with Ingrid). 

Secondly, I’m okay with Freya being alone right now because it gives her an opportunity for character growth. And she’s never really alone, between her sister, aunt Wendy and her mother. Plus now she’s got her father and her brand new TWIN brother Frederick, and they can do awesome spells together only twins can do. 

So I’ll stay positive for Frillian and content myself with the new twin bonding we’ll see more of. :)

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