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My ship is dead…

I mean Kripke literally killed it. Shot it right the heart.

I will admit to shipping Charloe because Tracy and David have amazing chemistry and with the turn Charlie’s character has taken it has an appeal to her new grown up soldier persona.

My verdict on Charlie and Connor is still out because I just haven’t had enough scenes with them yet.

But I hadn’t given up on Jarlie, not at all. Jason brings out her more human side, the girl she used to be, before all the fighting and killing changed her. And yes, they had some nice moments right before he died, but I was looking forward to seeing them become who they used to be together when they finally reunited. And, Connors jeallousy was cute.

We didn’t even get to hear Jason tell Charlie he loved her. Which we know he did. And I believe she loved him too, though it would have taken her much longer to admit it given her history.

And for Charlie to have been the one to kill him? Yes I understand why, and yes it will create a major story arc for her. I just wish it had been Miles or Bass who had done it instead to save her. She has enough emotional baggage to carry damn it.

I miss Jason already. Good luck with your new show JD Pardo, us Revolution fans will miss you and Jarlie shippers will always wonder what could have been.

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